Wholesale Vacations

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Wholesale Vacations at Crazy Prices!

There is a craze sweeping the United States in the form of vacations that cost next-to-nothing. Many people wonder how vacations can be offered at such low prices, and some of us have wondered if they're scams. This is actually not the case. These vacations are sometimes touted as a totally free vacation; this is obviously not the case. But they are still a great deal. After you pay for the tickets, you could end up paying for very little else indeed.

Wholesale vacations can be picked up for a miniscule outlay. These are absolutely great to give away to your customers. Try making them part of a package deal! You and your family will love them too.

How Does it Work?

So what exactly are wholesale vacations? The thing is most hotels know they are just never going to have 100 percent occupancy. So they make agreements with travel agencies to let really great hotel rooms go for the cost of the nightly room tax; this can be from $5.00 to $9.00. The travel agencies then issue travel certificates, offering free vacations (which is what it is in effect). They still make money because visitors buy from gift shops, order room service and so on. Some hotels (as in Las Vegas) also have gambling casinos too. In addition, hotels stand to gain repeat customers.

So it's a win-win situation for them, make no mistake. You can even resell wholesale vacations to your customers who want to use them as a business promotion. They are great for fund raising too. You can even use them on your website to lure people in. Great for getting email addresses!

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