English Chinese Dictionary

Written by Scott Martin
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When I started learning Chinese for business, I had to purchase an English Chinese dictionary. At first I went to the bookstore and bought one of the paperback books similar to the ones I used in high school. When my assignments started, I remembered how hard it was to use a bound dictionary for translation.

I then looked into purchasing another English Chinese dictionary. I had several criteria that I wanted met with my new dictionary. The first criteria was straightforward--I needed a dictionary that had an extensive vocabulary and complete definitions. Additionally, I needed an English Chinese dictionary that had libraries of words tailored to specific professions and disciplines.

An Electronic English Chinese Dictionary

I also wanted a dictionary that was capable of helping me with my translations. Now, no normal paperback book could do that, so I decided to get an electronic English Chinese dictionary. Since I got this second dictionary, my learning has taken off.

I would recommend a good English Chinese dictionary to anyone who needs to work with the Chinese language. Learning this language has been invaluable to my business and my career. Simply look online and you can find dictionary programs that will meet your needs as well.

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