Ethernet Packet Sniffer

Written by Scott Martin
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The main use of an Ethernet packet sniffer is to provide you with information about the operation and use of your Ethernet systems. Even a well designed network will encounter problems from time to time. When you encounter these problems, an Ethernet packet sniffer can help you diagnose specific issues and pinpoint where they occur.

Solving Problems with an Ethernet Packet Sniffer

Network problems sometimes do not just appear out of the blue. Sometimes, they have conversely developed over a period of time and neglect. Hence, these problems may be difficult to distinguish from normal activity. When a situation of security arises, good logging and reporting tools are a handy aspect of an Ethernet packet sniffer. You can look at trends over time and see where problems might be developing.

The amount of information that can travel across your network is mind-boggling. When there is a problem and you are looking for a solution, it can feel like you are searching for a needle in the haystack. An Ethernet packet sniffer with effective filtering and searching technology will allow you to sort by IP address, timestamp, or other variables.

If you are looking for an Ethernet packet sniffer, you should keep these filtering features in mind. You should also make sure that you find a product that will meet the needs of your specific system. These requirements can be easily met, when you shop for Ethernet packet sniffer products online.

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