Network Activity Sniffer

Written by Scott Martin
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Expand your knowledge of company network usage by employing the help of a network activity sniffer. By using a network activity sniffer, you can monitor the usage of your network, from customer transactions, customer support, and internal e-mails. This can help you guard against malicious break-ins, and prevent misuse or malicious activity from within your own company.

The Function of a Network Activity Sniffer

A network activity sniffer acts as a watchdog for your company's network. It tracks and captures every single transmission within your company, or between your company's network and outside computers. You can protect against security breaches, and solve problems even before they start.

In the event of a security breach, a network activity sniffer should be able to alert you immediately of potential problems. In the best of programs, you can customize actions that will be taken, and even send customized alerts to yourself or the system administrator. These alerts can be sent via e-mail, pager, or even telephone calls.

Furthermore, you should be able to filter the results of your data queries with your network activity sniffer. The best programs will allow you to customize your filters, and sort data by protocol, port, error type and data type.

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