Network Monitor Sniffer

Written by Scott Martin
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Secure the sensitive information and databases on your network with a network monitor sniffer. These tools can help guard against security breaches and risks that threaten your network, and originate from both the outside and inside of your company. Furthermore, these network monitor sniffer tools can double as serious network analyzers, which help you identify problems within your network, and optimize your network for maximum performance.

Aspects of a Network Monitor Sniffer Tool

Do you find that sensitive information housed on your network seems to leak out to competitors or the press? With a network monitor sniffer, you identify the source of these security breaches, and pinpoint their origin. You can discover whether the threat came from a company insider's misuse of the system, or whether it came from a security leak that has been exploited.

Another important function of a network monitor sniffer is its capabilities for analysis. You can use your network monitor sniffer to examine packets of data, and generate reports based on protocols, ports, or data content. This enables you to monitor your network usage, and view the results sorted by any aspect or category you choose.

For this reason, it's important to choose a network monitor sniffer with full filtering capacity. The best programs will even allow you multiple views and customizable filters, so that you can decide exactly how you want your queries performed and data arranged.

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