Network Monitor Utility

Written by Scott Martin
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A network monitor utility can secure and analyze your network for optimal safety and performance. The loss of productivity caused by security breaches and malfunctioning networks necessitate that you guard against these occurrences with a fully functioning network monitor utility package. Luckily, there are plenty of types of network monitoring utilities available for order online.

Choosing a Network Monitor Utility

The first aspect of any network monitor utility you choose should be its versatility. You want to be ensure notification at any hour of each day, and you want to be able to customize events that happen within your system. Some of the best types of network monitoring software packages will enable you to receive alerts at any time of day, via email, pager, or even telephone.

Another type of monitoring tool that is exceptionally useful is a packet sniffer. Whether you're experiencing or guarding against network problems, this type of network utility will help ensure the security and safety of your network. These tools can also be used to assist you with debugging and testing of network services and applications, by testing and examining every packet and message.

Another reason for using these tools is that you might need to peek at the packets passing through your network. You'll want an easy to digest format for these glances, allowing you to guard against security leaks and malfunctions on your server.

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