Network Monitoring Solutions

Written by Scott Martin
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If you've been shopping around for network monitoring solutions, you've no doubt been put off by the high cost of these software packages. However, what you might not realize is that there are network monitoring solutions that are probably well within your means. When it comes to securing and monitoring your network, there are software solutions that can give you the best analysis and protection for under $500.

Getting the Best Network Monitoring Solutions

A comprehensive network monitoring software package will offer you both security measures and performance analysis. You should seek out software which will generate reports in plain English or easy-to-read graphics. This will cut down on your training time, and ensure that everyone on your staff who needs to will be able to understand and digest each report.

Secondly, you'll want to seek out network monitoring solutions that offer you full logging and tracking. You'll want to be able to view port activity, and you might consider purchasing a packet sniffer to test and check information and statistics sent by computers. Furthermore, you might consider SNMP features that can log sessions and help you manage your system architecture.

The best deals for complete network monitoring solutions tend to be found online. This is largely because of the low overhead that online companies have, and thus the lower prices they are able to offer. Additionally, because you don't have to purchase a service agreement with these tools, you can pay only for the price of the software--making the best packages more affordable for you and your company.

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