Network Port Monitor

Written by Scott Martin
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A network port monitor can be used to increase security and guard your internet network systems. You might use a network port monitor as a gauge for Windows network performance, or to monitor any port-oriented service. For instance, you can monitor services such as echo, FTP, TELNET, and SMTP and POP e-mail services, just to name a few.

About the Network Port Monitor Software

Used in conjunction with your built-in and existing Windows security tools, a network port monitor can help you guard and analyze your system resources and network services. You can identify different problems originating on various ports accessed on your network. This makes it easy to "listen-in" on port activity, log sessions, and identify and analyze problems.

The more information you receive from your network port monitor program, the more resources you have with which to troubleshoot. However, your network port monitor is only as effective as its ability to communicate. While you want to purchase a feature-packed network port monitor, you don't want to have to extensively train people in order to enable them to understand the output.

Because of this, seek out a network port monitor that will generate graphical reports, and textual reports in plain English. This will help increase your productivity, and allow non-technical staff members (such as CIOs, CFOs, and the like) to view and understand these reports.

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