Network Traffic Monitor

Written by Scott Martin
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A network traffic monitor is an essential tool for any corporation or business. Your network is the backbone of your business, allowing you to send e-mails, house customer databases, and receive customer orders. When there is any threat to your network, the threat extends to the bottom line of your business.

The Importance of a Network Traffic Monitor

Because of this dynamic, you'll want to invest in a network traffic monitor to secure your network against internal and external threats. You can log and capture all of the activity on your network, and filter the results to pinpoint problems. You can monitor company e-mail, web transactions, and even automatically update your company's web page.

While networks come with built-in security tools, these tools oftentimes don't guard fully against breaches or security loopholes that can be exploited. One malicious attack can stop your business dead in its tracks. Therefore, it's paramount that you employ the use of a network traffic monitor, to prevent problems in your network before they start.

In fact, some of the best network traffic monitors out there will alert you in case of a network problem. You or your system administrator can be notified, regardless of the time of day or night, by e-mail, pager, or telephone. In this sense, a network traffic monitor works not only as a monitoring device, but as an alert system watchdog, instantly informing you of potential hazards.

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