Packet Sniffer

Written by Scott Martin
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A packet sniffer shows you the information transmitted across your network. It allows you to monitor all transmissions, whether they be to and from the Internet, or occurring internally. Furthermore, you can use a packet sniffer as a security measure, guarding against informational leaks internally, or malicious attacks externally.

A single security breach can compromise your entire network, and cause millions of dollars' worth of damages. Because of this, it is highly imperative that you employ the use of a packet sniffer to protect your network. You can even customize alerts, so that in the event of a breach, you will be notified by email, pager, or phone.

Finding a Packet Sniffer for Your Network

When shopping for a packet sniffer online, you'll want to make sure that it filters captured data. You should be able to customize your filters, for easy querying of the data, and speedy pinpointing of problems. You should be able to analyze data by port, protocol, error type, packet type, and content.

Additionally, you'll want to make sure that you choose a packet sniffer that allows you to view results in plain English. Some of the more sophisticated packet sniffers will also offer you a graphical representation of your data.

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