Packet Sniffer Download

Written by Scott Martin
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Are you worried about third-party software being downloaded and installed on your network workstations? From spyware to peer-to-peer products, there are many products that can wreak havoc on your network. This is when you need to have a packet sniffer download monitor.

While there are many useful items to download, there are also many items that you simply do not want on your workstations. Some of these software programs can even maliciously use your network resources. Other items are just plain illegal and can make your company the target of a lawsuit, if they are not detected and removed. Because of this, it is useful to stop these items from being installed on your machines before they affect your productivity.

Uses of Packet Sniffer Download Monitors

A packet sniffer download monitor lets you know exactly what people are downloading and when they are doing so. This allows you to block certain types of software, IP addresses, as well as specific websites for viewing. These tools will save you the time and energy of undoing the damage caused by malicious activities.

You can find many packet sniffer download monitors online. Additionally, you should look for products that work with your existing network and operating systems. In no time at all, you can bring an increased level of protection to your network.

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