Packet Sniffer Software

Written by Scott Martin
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Packet sniffer software is an effective way to monitor the data is being transferred across your network. A packet sniffer software package enables you to consolidate all of your network's information and data. With this analysis tool, you can see if there are any holes in the security of your network.

Selecting Packet Sniffer Software

Good packet sniffer software is able to decode many different protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP, FTP, or POP. Also, it is important to look for software that can reach across your WLAN or Ethernet systems. The more protocols the packet sniffer software can read, the greater your reach in managing your network security.

Packet sniffing all of these protocols and systems can produce a lot of useful information. Therefore it is important to be able to quickly sift through and sort existing data. A good filter is a necessity for the security and monitoring of your network. By monitoring your network, you can quickly locate the offending parties and find out network activity particulars.

With a packet sniffer software package, you can more effectively monitor network traffic. You can look online today and find packet sniffer software that is tailored to your specific needs. Using this software is invaluable to your business since you can save time and money.

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