Protocol Analyzer

Written by Scott Martin
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Maintaining a stable and secure network is at the forefront of a network administrator's responsibilities. Using a protocol analyzer is one of the most effective ways of achieving this level of security. A protocol analyzer allows you to monitor traffic and transmissions occurring on various protocols located on your network, such as HTTP, UDP, POP or TELNET, just to name a few.

Networks are dynamic, and are always changing and transmitting information; thus, it becomes imperative to monitor these changes and transmissions. When a security breach or incident occurs, it is important to identify the ports and protocols involved. Armed with this information, you will be able to target your corrective efforts.

Protocol Analyzer Alerts

Because time is so critical when addressing network issues, your protocol analyzer needs to be capable of quickly notifying the appropriate parties. Some of the most effective analyzers are ones which alert administrators through various channels. This means that if a problem occurs, your protocol analyzer alerts you via email, telephone, or pager.

Finding a valuable protocol analyzer is easier than you might think. You can find many protocol analyzers available for purchase online, and many are packed with extra features. Many protocol analyzers also present you with a free trial version to evaluate, so that you can learn more about the program itself before purchasing.

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