Protocol Analyzer Software

Written by Scott Martin
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Protocol analyzer software is an essential component of any network administrator's problem-solving toolkit. A protocol analyzer software program lets you view transmissions which transpire on your network. By anticipating problems before they start, and troubleshooting any and all security breaches, you can protect and optimize your network for maximum performance.

Protocol Analyzer Software Online

When there are problems or security leaks in your network, you need to identify the source of trouble. Because of this, you'll want a protocol analyzer software program that can identify traffic based on ports and protocols. Make certain that the program you choose supports an array of protocols, including but not limited to HTTPS, HTTP, POP3, SMTP, UDP, and TELNET.

Also be certain that the program you choose to purchase will provide you with the tools you need to monitor e-mail originating from your company. Because of potential e-mail hazards, ranging from malicious attacks to internal informational leaks, you'll want to be able to log all of your company's e-mail. Some programs will even allow you to log username and password information in original format, as well as display and save messages in Outlook Express format.

Essentially, no matter what features protocol analyzer software packages offer, you'll want to try them before you purchase. Because of this, many reputable manufacturers of software allow free downloads of their software online. Once you decide on purchasing a program, you can then unlock full capabilities and enjoy full use of the program.

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