Windows Network Management

Written by Scott Martin
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Windows network management has become a fast-growing field, largely because of the ease and integration that the Windows platform provides. Now more than ever, companies are turning their servers over to Windows platforms, and Windows networking has become more popular than ever. However, along with the advantages that Windows networking provides, there are singular security risks that demand your company's attention.

Windows Network Management the Easy Way

Because you want to ensure the security of your databases and file transfers, you'll want to look into high-tech Windows network management. While you certainly have IT staff onsite who are trained in the Windows server environment, their presence is simply not enough. For one, your staff can only be there for so many hours in a given day, and you'll want to provide 100% uptime and security for your network.

With the proper Windows network management tools, you can ensure total security of your company's network. There are effective tools which can generate reports in plain English, along with easy-to-analyze charts and graphs. Furthermore, these networks can be customized and configured, to run applications, update web servers, and provide security alerts.

In fact, security alerts are one of the newest and most exciting features in state-of-the-art Windows network management tools. These tools can automate notification to your system administrator, any time of day, by pager, telephone, or e-mail. While your Windows network management tools work to prevent problems on your network and server, they virtually call for back-up when your system administrator needs to be notified of a potential risk or hazard.

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