Windows Packet Sniffer

Written by Scott Martin
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Because many offices work in an Windows environment, you need to purchase a Windows packet sniffer for security and monitoring. From e-mail servers, to internet servers, to desktops, the Windows environment can be entirely integrated. For this reason, it is imperative to have software specifically tailored to your system--software such as a Windows packet sniffer.

Would you use a television to try to monitor what is playing on the radio? Of course not! So why would you use a product that is not specifically designed for your particular network environment? While there are many packet sniffers out there, you absolutely need to use a Windows packet sniffer if you are operating a Windows-based network.

Integrating a Windows Packet Sniffer

One of the benefits of a Windows packet sniffer is that it will seamlessly integrate into your Windows network. This means fewer headaches when you implement your packet sniffing software. You should spend your time examining the packet sniffing data, and learning from the analysis, rather than spending time and resources needlessly attempting to integrate an incompatible program into your system.

Look online to find a plethora of Windows packet sniffer programs, but be sure to choose ones with customizable filters and full Windows support. Be sure also to look for software packages that come highly recommended, indicating satisfied customers and clients. Recommendations for software can help save you the headaches of attempting to integrate an incompatible network sniffer into your preexisting suite of network tools.

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