Asp Event Calendar

Written by Rachel Arieff
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ASP event calendar is another great feature for a web portal. Todays portal development software comes with a variety of features. Along with ASP classified ads and ASP news manager, the event calendar lends more multifunctionality to your site.

Why would you want an ASP event calendar? The simple answer is that it can really make both your users and its administrator happy. It's easy to use with fun features, making it attractive to visitors.

ASP Event Calendar Features for Everyone

For the portal manager, an ASP event calendar is attractive because it's easy to administer. The bottom line, though, is that it's easy for everyone to use. Events can be posted by visitors as well as administrators and be viewed by category or searched via keywords.

More happy visitors means more traffic to your site. It also means more visitors that stay at your portal for a longer period of time, as well as more repeat visitors. This is why the event calendar in ASP can really pay off in the end.

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