Asp Event Manager

Written by Rachel Arieff
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ASP event manager makes administering an events calendar on your website easier than ever before. More functionality means more tasks done more efficiently by the administrator. Overall, it means more satisfied managers and users alike.

Any system that's both user-friendly and easy to administer is a beauty in everyone's eyes. ASP software is constantly evolving to more completely realize these goals. Today's best ASP event calendars succeed on both counts.

Features of the ASP Event Manager

Some features of the ASP event manager include the basic ones, such as the ability for users to post events to different categories. Events can also be viewed in different ways. You can choose to view all events, view them by category, or use the popular keyword search tool.

The ASP event manager also allows the administrator to manage all posted events. In addition to events, the administrator can manage users and manage departments as well. Of course, the administrator can also post events as "admin only".

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