Asp Shopping Mall

Written by Rachel Arieff
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ASP shopping mall is a great feature to add to your web portal! If you want to attract visitors, this is a terrific way to get their attention. With this feature and others offered through common ASP programs, you can work to get this traffic to stay at your portal.

With the shopping mall, users on your portal can browse and shop online to their hearts' content, using online payment companies to transact their purchases. Popular companies of this sort include and PayPal. These are reputable companies that do millions of dollars in business annually.

What the ASP Shopping Mall Offers

The best quality ASP shopping malls should be easy for your administrator to embed into your website. With a little bit of tweaking, you can get the shopping mall to conform to your particular layout. Of course, through these programs, you can also edit products and upload images.

All ASP shopping malls need some kind of database in which to store information. Microsoft Access is a popular one, but other programs are good too. It all depends what your administrator is most comfortable using and what's most compatible with your system.

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