Corporate Portal Software

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Corporate portal software is a giant leap forward in the world of business solutions. This software has been refined to be more user friendly than ever. Plus, your administrator will find portal software convenient and easy to work with.

Just because it's corporate, though, doesn't mean it has to be cookie-cutter! One thing I love about corporate portal software is how easy it is to customize. Enable only the features that you're interested in to reflect the focus of your business or organization.

Unique Reflections of Corporate Portal Software

In fact, no one could ever tell that my portal was created from web portal software. It reflects my unique vision, my goals, and my focus. In short, my portal is all about my business and what the users want.

For example, besides the obvious things like the home page and FAQ's, your portal can contain features such as classified ads and chat rooms. Add a news link so members can keep up to date with current events. Event calendars, guest books, instant messenger, even horoscopes are but a few examples of what you can get from corporate portal software.

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