Hosting A Portal

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Hosting a portal is so easy and affordable these days, I'll demonstrate with my own experience. The newest and best web portal software allows you to customize features to the particular tastes and interests of your organization and its users. You'll never look like a clone of another portal if you customize!

I started hosting a portal about a year ago. My administrator and I carefully chose the features we would want the portal to offer our users. For us, this includes news groups, classified advertising, and chat rooms.

Other Features We Have Hosting a Portal

We also have handy events calendars for our users to post events and edit them as needed. Of course, my administrator has the power to manage all users' posts. Horoscopes and online games round out the mix of choices for our users.

Speaking of my administrator, she's really happy with the online and phone support she can get when she needs it. The phone support for us is toll free, which is an added benefit when you're hosting a portal. However, none of these features can be taken for granted, as every portal software program varies.

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