Online Community Software

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Online community software will determine the success of your portal. As more and more portals become established on the World Wide Web, it's becoming more apparent that not only do you need a talented administrator, but a great portal software system as well.

What distinguishes one online community software program from another? For one thing, it's the features offered. Another factor is the price. In fact, I believe it's the balance of these two things that determine a good purchase.

Shopping for Online Community Software

For example, if the price you're being asked to pay seems high and there seem to be a slew of features that you don't need, then you're probably not looking at the best portal software for your particular needs. It's worth it to take a little extra time to really look around to find what you want.

Take it from me: nothing's worse than paying good money for technology that, in the end, doesn't serve your needs. On the other hand, I'm extremely happy with my online community software program because it gives my users many exciting features that keep them coming back, including chat rooms, online shopping, news, and classifieds, and horoscopes and games.

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