Portal For Schools

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Portal for schools lets the educational online community come together in new and exciting ways. So many features are offered through the latest web portal software that your school's portal can become the fascinating and fun connection for users that they deserve!

Let me give you an example of an effective portal for schools. This portal will include the usual home, contact and FAQ pages. A site map and advertising option will also be available on this school's portal. These are the basic features that everyone expects.

Special Features of a Good Portal for Schools

Now we get to the fun stuff. Remember, a school-oriented portal doesn't have the same concerns or limitations as a corporate portal. School-oriented portals should be fun as well as functional!

Along with articles, alumni relations, and fantastic e-learning options, I believe a great web portal for schools will have fun interactive features such as instant messaging, polls and surveys, and "top ten lists". The more fun and interactive you can make your portal, I guarantee you, the more popular and successful it will be!

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