Portal Software Inc

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Portal Software Inc. is a publicly-traded intranet company. It was founded in 1985 John Little in the city of Cupertino, California. Today, John Little remains the CEO of Portal Software.

Portal Software Inc. is in the business of making intranet tools, which include portal hosting and portal programs. These tools, also known as "back office" tools, nowadays are essential to nearly any large business. These tools help businesses with real-time billing and other specialized software.

More about Portal Software Inc.

Portal's clients cover the spectrum of big business. Everyone from ISP's, or Internet service providers, to telecommunications companies enlist the services of Portal Software. In fact, 35 top wireless communications carriers, including AOL-Time Warner and Vivendi, are clients of Portal Software.

Portal Software Inc. offers billing and subscriber management services to these companies, which in turn enable them to manage a wide range of services for their own clients. These platformed services include, in part, pricing plans, payment models, and value chains.

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