Rent A Community

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Rent a community portal and give your organization a huge boost in its ability to be effective. Many types of sites can benefit from this setup. In fact, this happens to be a very a popular format for entertainment, pay-for-play, and large-scale portals.

Online communities are a popular option for portal software. Rent a community and connect with like-minded people in a fun and convenient way. Many options are available as modules that you can add or subtract as you wish from the basic module.

What You Can Do When Your Rent a Community

What follows is but a partial list of the options available on community portal software. Besides the basic home, contact and site map pages that should be on every portal, alumni relations, articles, classified ads, and shopping wizards are also available. E-learning, event calendars, and faculty profiles also provide great interactive opportunities for your users.

Fun features are also available that help attract users when you rent a community. These include forums, guest books, horoscopes, "top ten" lists and other polls, and online games. Though they're fun, they serve an important purpose of getting people to associate your portal with enjoyment, which will make them come back for more.

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