Renting A Portal

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Renting a portal is a great option for any organization that wants to establish a bigger presence on the World Wide Web. When you rent a portal, you'll be offering your users and visitors a multilayered experience. You'll also be guaranteeing them a user-friendly, easily navigable journey.

Renting a portal offers your visitors many special features such as guest books, forums, and news groups. Classified ads, articles, and online shopping malls are a few more examples of the wide variety of services your portal can contain for your guests. These special features are also referred to as modules.

Services You Can Offer through Renting a Portal

Organizations renting a portal are able to offer their users a wide variety of services. Calendars, e-learning courses, and other interactive features such as polls and surveys are important to keeping your users interested and active within your portal. The more interactive and helpful your portal is to your users, the more successful it will be.

With portal software systems, these modules are easy to administer.
In fact, your administrator will probably hate you if you offer all these features, but not through portal software! The reason is, unless these many features are provided in ASP scripts, which are easy to maintain and require little editing, they will be very difficult and time-consuming for your administrator to deal with.

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