Software Community

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Software community programs are available in ASP portal software. These programs are designed to be easy for your administrator to embed right into your existing site. The result is time and energy saved for your administrator to do more important things, like running your website!

Software community programs can transform an ordinary website into an internet community. An interactive online net of people can communicate with each other via extranet or intranet, whichever you choose. This is a popular situation for many businesses and organizations that rely on the ability of their employees and members to communicate with one another.

Features of the Software Community

Portal software commonly offers features such as event calendars, file libraries, and forums. Teleconferencing can be a great feature to have for your software community. Other features include guest books, articles, and even classified ads.

Of course, an online community can't succeed unless its members find navigating it easy. The best software accomplishes this. It's made to be user friendly as well as easy for the administrator to work with.

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