Virtual Community Software

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Virtual community software should be easy to embed into your website. It also should be easy to maintain once it's there. If you have a web administrator, let him or her know about this option for turning your website into a community portal.

What is a community portal? Quite simply, it's a multi-featured website that encourages more interactivity than ever before. It offers more features to your users such as guest books and online forums. Most importantly, though, it allows your site to function as an online community.

Who Benefits from Virtual Community Software

Who needs the benefits of virtual community software? Well, businesses, for one, are among the top clients of virtual community software. Organizations also can have much more success with the help of an online community.

In order to start taking of advantage of web community software, you need to satisfy certain server requirements. For example, you usually need to have Windows 2000/XP or later, along with a few other requirements. A good web administrator is also crucial to help set up your community portal software.

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