Web Community Software

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Web community software brings people together on your site in a virtual community. It can be used for any kind of site, whether business, entertainment, or educational. The features offered in web community software can be customized to suit your particular needs.

If you want to bring people together through the means of intranet or extranet, you can use portal software to make it possible. This software is written in ASP script, which means it requires no special editing by your administrator. Just plug it into the existing code of your website and it will work for you.

What You Can Do with Web Community Software

With web community software, you can offer your users a variety of features to keep them interested and involved on your site. Features such as guest books, forums, e-learning, and polls are all available through community software. Online games, horoscopes, shopping and classified are popular features as well.

As I said earlier, all of these features are possible, but none are mandatory. The nice thing about it is that you can pick and choose which features to include. Whatever works best for your particular organization's focus is what you should choose when using community software.

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