Web Portal Software

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Web portal software is one of the fastest growing internet-based services available. Rather than hire a web technician to design a complex, multifunctional website, you can now do it yourself and save money. Download some of the better-quality portal programs from the Internet to create your own custom portal.

Today, portal software is designed to be packed full of convenient and fun features. Yet user friendliness has remained a top priority. Both users on your site and your administrator will appreciate how well some of this web portal software is designed.

Features Offered by Web Portal Software

Both users and administrators alike appreciate web portal software for all the features it offers. Everything from guest books to special forums to faculty profiles is offered in special modules. Even online games and horoscopes are available if you want them.

The point is, you can customize your portal to suit your needs. Once you've chosen which modules you'll embed into your website, you can always disable or enable them at will. These modules are designed to be easily plugged into your existing website code, requiring no special editing.

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