Applicant Tracking Software

Written by Michael Federico
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Human resources departments of large corporations will often have to deal with thousands of applicants a year. There are constantly openings throughout the company. In many cases, these openings are spread out over the country or even the world. People are at various stages in the application process at all times.

It is possible to monitor the progress of potential employees as they make their way through the interviewing process by using applicant tracking software. Personal information can be stored. A person's work history and educational background can be detailed, as well. Also, comments about applicants that are made by interviewers can be stored. If an applicant gets a job, his status can be changed, but HR has already begun a file on him, which will save time in the long run.

Applicant Tracking Software for Employment Services

Temp agencies and permanent employment agencies are often inundated with applicants. People are being sent out on jobs that last for a few days, while others are being sent to jobs that could last two months or two years. Still, there are other applicants who are interviewing at various sites for permanent jobs in various industries. Most recruiters will also usually have a stack of applications for people they have just interviewed. It is often difficult for one person to keep track of his client base.

Tracking software allows a person to categorize applicants based on a number of different criteria. Programs that are customized for placement agencies will also allow a recruiter to cross check between his clients and available jobs. This makes placement easier, it helps people get work, and it makes money for the company.

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