Bar Coding

Written by Jill Morrison
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Bar coding is a method used to label and store product information. A bar code is simply a reference number that a computer will use to find out information about a product. Each product on the market must have a bar code so that products can be distinguished from each other and so that prices can be determined at a moment's notice.

Bar Coding Features

Bar coding provides pertinent information about products for sale. Bar codes do not contain descriptive information such as social security numbers or other personal information. Instead, they contain ID information. They simply inform us of the type of product being scanned and the price of that product.

Bar coding is a necessary step in building, managing, distributing, and selling products. Every company must have a method for placing bar codes on their products. There are many different types of bar codes that can be used as well. Some bar codes may use a combination of bars and spaces to represent different characters and to provide ID information. Other bar codes may simply be numeric.

There are a few different options for obtaining product bar codes. You can purchase them from a label manufacturer. Many businesses will print their own bar codes by using a special type of software program and label printer. Bar codes can also be printed directly onto the packaging of each product by manufacturers.

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