Business Edge

Written by Josh Dodes
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Getting a business edge in today's fast-paced market can be exceedingly difficult. For new businesspeople, this difficulty is only magnified. After all, how can you hope to attain any sort of business edge if you're new to the field?

A few innovative companies have come up with a great answer to that question. By designing extremely lifelike business simulation games, these companies enable any "newcomer" to come in with a wide range of experience. The thoroughness with which these games emulate the real business world allows students to gain boardroom experience without ever leaving the classroom.

A New Business Edge

These new simulations put a tremendous premium on detail and realism. To begin, students download a wide array of market conditions. They work in teams, and then they upload their "corporate" decisions and get an immediate sense of the realistic consequences of those decisions.

As a result of this sophisticated gaming, students can enter the real business world with a new confidence. They have the advantage that only experience can ultimately provide. After all, no edge is more significant than facing a situation that is already familiar.

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