Business Education Activities

Written by Josh Dodes
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The best business education activities are often found not in books, but online. By leveraging the power of the Internet, a few innovative companies have managed to bring business to life in an entirely new way. The sophisticated business simulations that these companies have developed are simply the next best thing to learning inside an actual boardroom.

The best simulations bring a level of flexibility and interaction to business education activities that was previously unavailable. Allowing students to download complex market conditions and make multi-faceted business decisions is an invaluable experience for students at all levels of expertise. Students who utilize this type of action learning have a significant edge once real money is on the line.

Innovative Business Education Activities

Lectures and case studies have their place in business education, but interactive action learning can be the most valuable educational tool of all. Without them, business students are like pilots who have memorized manuals but never flown a plane. The best business strategy games are like flight simulators for an equally risk-filled career.

There is simply no substitute for making mistakes in learning a complex field. These innovative business simulations allow students to learn from their mistakes without risking real capital. That way, once real business is involved, these students will already have the benefits of having experienced it before.

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