Business Education Projects

Written by Josh Dodes
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For years, business education projects have been remarkably unrealistic exercises in one or two dimensions. But what if students could actively participate in the day-to-day decisions of a real business? And what if they could learn real-life lessons without facing real-life risk?

Thanks to a few innovative online companies, that type of on-the-job learning is now as close as students' desks. These new companies have created fully-realized business simulation games that immerse students in real-life situations without real money on the line. Students are encouraged to think creatively and learn from their mistakes, without the consequences being as dire as they might be in the real world.

Exciting Business Education Projects?

Yes, far from dry exercises, these new business education projects can be as exciting as they are educational. Designed to complement, rather than replace, traditional classroom learning, these simulations provide practical business experience that simply can't be learned from a book. As a result, strategy and competition move quickly from lifeless abstractions to tangible experiences.

When students are allowed to build teams and compete, they get to experience the real business world. Of course, the top simulations provide detailed feedback so the students can understand the true consequences of their decisions. That way, by the time the decisions are no longer part of a game, they will have a very real business edge.

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