Business Education Resources

Written by Josh Dodes
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Time was, business education resources were limited to dry economic theory and one-dimensional paper exercises. While these teaching tools have their merit, the Internet has created an opportunity for students to simultaneously experience and learn from the real business world. A few top companies have figured out how to allow students to experience the complexity of the real world without throwing them to the lions of real financial risk.

High-level, fully-realized business simulation games provide a brand-new type of learning. By handing students all of the information and tools they need to make business decisions in real-life scenarios, these new companies can give students the best of both worlds. As a result, students are able to truly experience the risky world of business without dire financial consequences.

Three-Dimensional Business Education Resources

These new business education resources mimic not only real-life decisions, but real-life decision making. As in the real business world, students are encouraged to work as a team in making complicated decisions. This way, students better understand not just smart decisions but how they really get made.

Consequently, these nuanced simulations are teaching two major lessons simultaneously. Certainly, these business simulations provide students an enormous amount of practical business knowledge. But they also foster the equally important social skills that are integral to actually getting business done.

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