Business Management Courses

Written by Josh Dodes
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Business management courses have traditionally relied heavily upon oversimplified case studies. The problem with this model is that although it can help highlight certain issues, it does little to give students a taste of the more complex business world. A few top software companies have recently come up with an innovative solution.

By designing highly realistic business simulations and fostering competition, these companies give students a chance to learn their way around in a much closer facsimile to the real world. The real world is not controlled for one or two illustrative variables. Why should your learning environment always be?

The Future of Business Management Courses

Taking a page from the literature on virtual reality, these new simulations are sufficiently complex to immerse students in the business world. Once students have the opportunity to work together and to make mistakes on this playing field, they will be ready for anything. Nothing is more jarring than discovering the complexities of the real business world for the first time upon entering it!

Business management courses may never be the same. Now that students can learn team-building and decision-making in a realistic context, why would they go back? It's a tough world out there, and the more chance students have to practice, the better prepared they will be.

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