Business Simulations

Written by Josh Dodes
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Realistic business simulations have become integral to a top-notch business education. As the top online simulation developers pull away from the pack, every student can easily reap the benefits of lifelike business simulations. These simulations are critical to developing the business skills that they will need once they are in the "real world."

The top simulations leverage the power of the Internet, creating richly-detailed scenarios for students to navigate. Students download a complex and realistic set of market conditions, and then upload their corporate decisions. Because of the interactivity the Internet affords, students can then see very clearly the realistic consequences of the decisions they have made.

Business Simulations Teach Good Business

There is no experience as useful to students of business than practical experience. These high-level simulations provide exactly that experience, in a safer environment than the real business world. Without big money on the line, students can more confidently think outside the box and learn from their mistakes.

From managers to MBA students to undergrad business majors, all students of business can benefit from the hands-on experience of a well-designed business strategy game. Once real money is on the line, these students will already have the hard-won experience of a seasoned vet. There are few business edges more valuable than the wisdom of having already seen similar situations through.

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