Business Software Solution

Written by Josh Dodes
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For educators and students alike, there is a tremendous new business software solution to facilitate learning. A few innovative online companies have created remarkably thorough business simulations to help students gain experience. Designed to complement, rather than replace, traditional business education resources, these simulation round out a student's education in a new way.

Since there is no experience as valuable as real life, and no way for business students to actually control businesses, these software companies have provided the next best thing. The business strategy games they have designed truly bring the boardroom into the classroom. In many ways, the experience students gain is as useful as the real thing.

A Creative Business Software Solution

In fact, in one way, these simulations may be superior. By keeping every element of reality except big money on the line, the programs encourage students to think outside the box and learn from, rather than fear, mistakes. That can provide them a significant business edge down the road.

These new business software solutions teach more than good decision-making, however. They teach good decision-making process. By requiring students to work and compete as teams, the programs foster interpersonal skills so often ignored in a traditional business education.

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