Business Strategy Game

Written by Josh Dodes
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Business strategy games have proven a remarkably effective learning tool in a risky business. By retaining every significant element of the real business world except the financial risks, these games allow students a safe experience that can often teach them more than books ever could. Realistic business simulations allow students to learn from mistakes they could not afford to make with real money on the line.

This type of action learning has been brought to a new level by a few innovative Internet companies. By creating a dynamic, interactive platform, top simulations can put students inside a remarkably sophisticated set of business scenarios. Students download market conditions and upload complex decisions with an ease that only the Internet, used wisely, could allow.

Learning From Business Strategy Games

These top business strategy games teach not only good business practice, but also collaborative business skills. The best simulations encourage students to work as teams competing against one another, much as they would do in the real business world. Students working with these simulations develop a group-oriented outlook that most students don't receive until far later.

Similarly, the combination of realistic scenarios without realistic financial costs encourages students to think creatively in a way that most students cannot afford. By learning these modes of thinking early, students can confidently think outside of the box in the real business world. And that provides an invaluable business edge.

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