Business Strategy Simulations

Written by Josh Dodes
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Business strategy simulations are a perfect example of the positive educational uses to which the Internet can be put. A handful of cutting-edge companies have managed to develop simulations with all the complexity of the real business world. But by removing the danger of having real money on the table, these simulations encourage students to think and act creatively.

These new business strategy simulations are interactive in a way a textbook or case study never could be. Not only can an online simulation provide fuller situational detail, but it can also give a much more realistic picture of the consequences of students' decisions. These programs are the next best thing to a seat on an actual company board.

Hands-On Business Strategy Simulations

The benefits of hands-on experience are widely known. When students move concepts off the page and into practice, they can learn at a different level. In a discipline as inherently risky as business, that prior experience can be invaluable.

These products are not your parents' business education resources. They are dynamic, flexible tools for learning that can provide an entirely new competitive edge. Because learning through listening and talking is fine, but learning through doing is priceless.

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