Business Strategy Software

Written by Josh Dodes
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A revolution in business strategy software is underway. Thanks to a few top companies, sophisticated software now allows business students of all levels to learn good business practice from lifelike simulations. The promise of the Internet has rarely been realized more effectively.

These new simulations represent real life without real risk. In other words, students can experience the complexity of business scenarios and effective decision-making, without big money on the line. As a result, they can feel confident in thinking more creatively and learning from their own mistakes.

A New Day for Business Strategy Software

These new business strategy software products put students directly into the boardroom. They are forced to navigate and solve sticky business issues in small teams. Consequently, students are learning decision-making and team-building at the very same time.

This type of action learning takes a one- or two-dimensional business education and turns into a three-dimensional experience. Like so many things in life, real business can be made far easier by having experienced it in some fashion in the past. These business simulation games provide an exciting new method of gaining that experience.

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