Business Teaching Resources

Written by Josh Dodes
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The best business teaching resources allow students to take an active role. At an early stage, all students need a certain level of passive instruction. But once they are familiar with abstract concepts, the best thing students can do is have a chance to try those concepts out in practice.

That is precisely what a new crop of Net-based business teaching resources is for. A few innovative companies have developed lifelike business simulations that students can learn from at an entirely new level. After all, there is no substitute for hands-on experience, in business or any complicated field.

Business Teaching Resources for a New Generation

While their fiscal forebears may have been limited to lectures and oversimplified case studies, today's students can have more. The top business simulation games provide the type of on-the-job experience most people don't get until they are in the workplace. And because there is not real money on the line, students are encouraged to think much more creatively than any new practitioner would normally be.

By being forced to participate and compete in teams, students also learn the on-the-job team-building skills that many gain the hard way. Here, students are encouraged to think collaboratively and win as a team. Few lessons are so valuable, and come so low a price.

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