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Written by Michael Federico
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Failing to maintain equipment and vehicles can quickly lead to the demise of a manufacturer, trucking company, warehouse distribution service, or shipping business. Unfortunately, many businesses have suffered this fate simply because they were unable to establish steadfast maintenance schedules. This is not, as most people believe, always due to lack of preparation or poor business practices. Many times, companies are either too small and undercapitalized to handle all aspects of operations or too large and spread out to keep different branches in communication with each other and in the know.

Both small and large companies can avoid these problems fairly easily. CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software can do a lot to alleviate the strain put on smaller businesses and it can help shore up communication and streamline operations for larger ones. In both cases, productivity will be increased, and equipment will most likely remain in working order much more often than it would without a software solution.

Creating Reports and Orders with CMMS Software

It is amazing how much of a difference automated work orders can make to a company. Once the software is used to create a maintenance schedule, it can begin to generate orders. This means that preventative maintenance will take place on a regular basis. Equipment will not have to be broken for someone to take a look at it. This one practice can save money and it can help a company optimize its output.

Software can also be used to produce comprehensive reports when orders are fulfilled. This allows employees to get a better grasp on exactly what is happening with every piece of equipment. It can also help them with purchasing decisions, as they will better be able to see when certain items will need to be replaced.

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