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Written by Patricia Skinner
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When it's time to make a bid for a lucrative contract, a business tends to call on all its internal resources. It can be a very tense time because everyone wants the result to be perfect, and if the process of creating a proposal isn't organized, confusion, and ultimately failure, can ensue. At this time more than any other, the company will be knowledge harvesting; not only internally, but possibly externally too, for their common aim of submitting a winning proposal.

If this process is repeated often enough, it can be a huge drain on company resources. How convenient it would be then, if there was a way to avoid repeating the same process over and over again in all its tiny detail. It is possible to create proposals using collaboration software in such a way that 90 percent of the work is already done for you. This has a lot of important consequences for the average small-to-medium company. It means that you save time and therefore a lot of money on each proposal. It also means that you can afford to submit as many proposals as you like, making the possibility of more work and more profit for your company a reality.

Avoiding Endless Repetition

Although every proposal will be different, there are basic facts that you will include in every proposal you create. For example, you will include more-or-less the same information about your company and your team. Using collaboration software, it is a simple matter to create separate parts to your proposal with all the basic information intact, so that for each new proposal you just need to complete them with the remaining individual details.

You will also probably want to include other necessary documents with your proposals. These may include reports and articles written about previous company projects, photographs, and perhaps even individual resumes of key members of your team. Although you will still need to appoint a project manager for each new proposal, and although there will still be work that needs to be done for each new project, collaboration software can make the whole process easier and more straightforward. It will be obvious at a glance if information is still needed, where signatures are needed, and so on. Creating solid, impressive proposals that stand a good chance of winning will be much less of a drain on resources and company nerves.

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