Dynamic Modeling

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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As the years go by, doesn't it seem like time is flying by faster and faster? Guess what--it is. Can you imagine that fifteen years ago, e-mail was almost unheard of? When you spotted a cell phone, it was a big thing, literally--those things were like footballs. Now you can e-mail people on your cell phone. And your cell phone is closer in size to a golf ball. The moral to this little story is this: our lifestyles are constantly evolving. And so are our businesses. Smart companies stay on the leading edge of production with dynamic modeling.

Lean Implementation is the hot new methodology of the past century. Started by the Japanese in the 1950s, Lean Implementation lives up to its name--it can trim the fat from your operations and beef up production. With Lean Implementation, you examine each of your processes, and divide them into value and waste. But how can you accurately define the two?

That's where dynamic modeling comes into play. With process simulation software, you can create a virtual copy of your work environment. With 3-D animation and real-time feedback, it's as dynamic as you can get. Then comes the fun part--you can experiment with your model to find the best processes and strategies for your company.

Leave Ruts Behind with Dynamic Modeling

There are two choices in the modern business world--keep up with the latest ideas and technology, or be left behind. Don't let your company get stuck in the slow lane. If you're interested in designing creative and flexible processes for your company, dynamic modeling may prove useful.

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