Educational Business Simulation Games

Written by Josh Dodes
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Educational business simulation games can be invaluable tools for business students at any level of development. These games represent the best of both worlds: real-life business experience, without real-life financial consequences. The result is a business edge that most students could not otherwise afford to learn.

A few top developers have created business games that leverage the enormous potential of the Internet in this field. By allowing students to download a sophisticated array of market conditions and upload their corporate decisions, these games can create a truly efficient interactive classroom. Best of all, these Internet-based business strategy games make learning fun.

The Value of Educational Business Simulation Games

One of the great values of educational business simulation games is that, absent dire financial consequences, students are encouraged to think more creatively and take risks. Complementing a more conservative business education, these simulations allow more of the trial and error that can help students develop flexible, on-the-fly thinking. Simply put, these simulations represent the difference between book learning and street smarts.

The best simulations encourage not only creative thinking, but teamwork and competition. Business is an intensely collaborative process, and these top simulations help students develop the social skills which are so critical in a real business. And early exposure to the competition of the business world can help students develop that integral competitive edge they are going to need.

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