Educational Business Simulations

Written by Josh Dodes
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The advent of realistic educational business simulations represents a major leap forward for business students. Where once concepts needed to be imagined in a real-life context, now students can experience those contexts for themselves. Thanks to a handful of innovative new companies, those contexts can provide the lessons of the real world, without any of the risks.

These new educational business simulations use the Internet as a staging ground of sorts for fully realistic business scenarios. Students download market conditions and upload corporate decisions, learning as they go through practice and detailed feedback. Best of all, since the financial consequences are only on paper, students are encouraged to think in more creative ways than they might otherwise be allowed.

Playing Out Educational Business Simulations

The best simulations are not only instructional, but fun. They encourage students to work together while competing against one another, mimicking the close-quarter competition that Wall Street is famous for. By playing these business strategy games, students get a true feel for the way that the business really works.

In this day and age, there's no reason to limit students to a two-dimensional education. Fully-realized business simulations allow students to dive headlong into the three-dimensional world of modern business. And once they've strategized in three dimensions, students will be ready for anything.

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