Enterprise Content Management

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The processes and tasks for which you are likely to use enterprise content management software include capture or creation, management, delivery, and storage or archiving. It is essential that any software you buy performs all the tasks that you will require from it effectively and effortlessly. Compile a list of requirements based on your previous experiences of document management in order to make an informed choice.

Creation can be through any one of a number of document mediums, such as Word, PDF or other, and there should be some facility for scanning and imaging so that you can enter a previously created, paper-based document into the system. Document management should enable users to track a document from creation to completion with ease and accuracy. A great advantage of using enterprise content management is never again losing a document in the system. Loss and damage can bring endless delays and worse to business processes.

Enterprise Management Security

Increasingly, information security is a major concern to businesses. Unscrupulous individuals can stand to gain considerably if they set out to hack into your document management system, or perhaps worse, damage your system in some way. The only answer to these concerns is an adequate security procedure which should begin with password protection for all parts of the system. Passwords can also be used for selective access, so that only authorized personnel can access certain documents or certain parts of the system.

Ideally, enterprise content management will provide for all the different ways that you might want to publish documents you've been working on. These will include saving to a CD or some other form of storage, publishing to the Web, printing, or transmission to another system by wireless. Ensuring that all options are available will render your system as versatile and practical as possible.

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