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Written by Michael Federico
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Manufacturers and shipping services build their reputations through on-time deliveries. When a customer orders a product, there is a good chance that time is of the essence. In fact, many companies choose certain distribution services solely based on the amount of time it will take that service to deliver what the company needs. If a customer is told that a shipment will arrive at a certain time, and it doesn't, there is not much chance that he will remain a customer.

Glitches in the delivery process can occur for a number of reasons. It is possible that orders are not being tracked, and they are getting lost in the fray. It could be that quotes on delivery times might simply be inaccurate, or in the case of companies that have locations throughout the country, the problem might be one of communication, because if different parts of the enterprise are not well linked, misinformation can be spread, and the delivery process can fall apart at any juncture.

How Can ERP Software Help?

Enterprise resource planning software can help a manufacturer or distributor solve a number of its problems. By connecting all links in the enterprise chain, software makes information easily accessible. This means that accurate quotes regarding delivery and billing can be given to customers. It also helps facilitate order tracking, and it ensures that, barring an unforeseen incident, schedules will be adhered to.

Software can streamline operations, which will reduce a company's expenditures. Along with saving money, it can also help generate cash flow. If customers receive their shipments on time and there are no mistakes in billing, they are far more likely to use the service again. There is also a good chance that they will pass on their experiences to others who can promptly turn into new customers.

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